The RescueLight Story

The Rescue Light

The Rescue Light is a small American owned and operated company in Dallas Georgia. The RescueLight and all of its components are proudly made in the USA. President and CEO Mike Hulsey has garnered national attention with his innovative inventions. "Our patented stern light will help keep you and your vessel safe while navigating and help you be found should trouble arise." The RescueLight's patented LED technology and innovative battery backup system also comes with a manufactures 1 year warranty.

RescueLight Features

  • New LED design
  • Reflective dome for increased visibility where you need it, not in your eyes.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Strobe for low light conditions
  • Utility Light
  • Light sensor picks up loss of light and turns on one of 5 back up lights
  • SOS light, if your vessel loses all power, 12 hours battery backup helps you and your vessel be found!

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